Should I Call 911 After a Car Accident?

Call 911 After a Car Accident
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Getting in a car accident can be one of the most stressful incidents in life. Hopefully, the accident did not injure anyone. However, if the accident resulted in injuries, or there was serious damage to one or more cars, call 911 after a car accident.

Certainly, calling 911 is the fastest way to report the accident. Moreover, if the accident injured anyone, it is the fastest way to get emergency medical help.

Therefore, even if you think an injury is minor, make the 911 call.

Remember, unless you’re a physician, you won’t recognize signs of a more serious injury. For instance, it’s common for your chest and back to hurt when you are involved in a car accident. Drivers and passengers will be pressed against their seatbelts during the collision. However, they may not realize they have a more serious injury.

Whether you should call 911 and ask for the police depends on the amount of damage to the cars involved in the accident. For example, if you were involved in a simple fender bender, you probably don’t need the police right away.

First, pull your cars to the side of the road. Then exchange information, including drivers’ license and insurance information, with the other driver. You need that if you file an insurance claim.

However, if the vehicles are both seriously damaged and cannot be driven away, you should definitely call 911. Certainly, in that situation, insurance companies want the police report to help determine who was at fault for the accident.


If any of the vehicles involved are blocking traffic and cannot be safely moved, then you should call 911.

Also, if there is gasoline, glass, or other debris on the ground that could create a hazard for other motorists or pedestrians, call 911. Consequently, the police can get to the accident scene. They can then direct traffic away from the accident or close the road, if necessary.


If the other driver in your accident shows signs of intoxication, call 911 immediately. You do not want a drunk driver getting back into their car and risk getting involved in another accident.

Moreover, if the other driver is impaired, you will want the police to arrest the drunk driver.

Likewise, if you feel that the other driver has committed a motor vehicle violation but doesn’t want you to call the police, ignore them. Make the 911 call.

They might argue that if no one is hurt in the accident, all that’s needed is an exchange of personal and insurance information. However, all parties at an accident scene may appear to agree how the accident happened. Then later they later change their recollection of the accident, possibly to blame you for the accident.

Remember, as friendly and cooperative as the other driver might appear at the scene, it is difficult to find out what their true motives are.

In short, if they were at fault for the crash, it is possible they may appear nice at the scene of the accident. They may be trying to convince you do not need the police to write up an official police report. Weeks later, you may find out from your insurance company they deny all responsibility for the accident.

If you have any doubt, call 911. As a result, the police can prepare an accident report, removing the need to trust the other driver.


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