What Should You Do If You Have Bicycle Accident Injuries?

hat Should You Do If You Have Bicycle Accident Injuries?
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The benefits of riding a bicycle are seemingly endless. Staying healthy, enjoying beautiful weather, getting a good workout. But if you have a bicycle accident injury, you may look at missing work, enormous medical expenses and long-term injuries.


Insurance may cover bicycle accidents, like a car accident, depending on how the accident happened. If you get in an accident with another cyclist or pedestrian and it’s not your fault, the at-fault party’s homeowners’ or renters’ insurance may cover your medical bills and damage.

Likewise, if you’re hit by a car while riding, the at-fault driver’s auto liability coverage may pay for damages and injuries.

However, if you caused the bike accident, personal liability coverage on your home or renters’ policy may pay for the damages and injuries you caused.


Probably the most serious injuries to a bicyclist happen when a motor vehicle strikes them.

If a negligent driver causes the accident, that driver’s auto insurance carrier can pay for the cyclist’s medical expenses and the cost to repair or replace the bike. The injured cyclist can also sue the uninsured driver for damages and injuries resulting from the accident.


If you can safely, take plenty of pictures. This includes pictures of any property damage. In addition, it’s also a good idea, as soon as you can, to write information, such as the location and time of the accident, while it’s fresh in your mind.

Also, exchange contact details and insurance information with any others involved in the accident. If there were witnesses, get their contact information.

Lastly, file a police report.

Even if your injuries appear to be minor, seek medical attention as soon as you can. Remember, what you think is a minor injury can become a major injury in a few days.


People riding a bike are likely to suffer anything from bumps and bruises to life-altering disabilities in a bicycle accident. Below are the various injuries that can happen to to bicyclists caused by negligent drivers:

Head injuries

Head injuries range from scrapes on the head to a fracture of the skull. Either can cause a serious brain injury. Most states require bike riders to wear helmets on the road.

Traumatic brain injury

Negligent drivers may cause a brain injury to a bike rider without the rider suffering any visible head injury. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause many symptoms.

These include memory loss, mood swings and permanent mental and emotional changes.

Facial injuries

Bicycle accidents can cause significant damage to the rider’s face. This includes lost or broken teeth, a fractured jaw, eye or vision damage. Additionally, the accident can cause a broken nose or road rash.

Bodily trauma

If a negligent driver hits a rider on the back wheel, the rider may experience whiplash or a soft tissue injury. Likewise, if a driver hits a biker on the side, the rider may get a broken leg or torn ligament in the knee.

A bicyclist hit by a car can easily suffer a broken bone.

Moreover, riders who attempt to “brace” for a fall can dislocate their shoulders as they strike the pavement. In addition, severe trauma can cause broken ribs or internal bleeding.

Back and neck injury

When a vehicle hits the biker, the biker may land on their backs or roll after a crash. This causes injury to their spinal columns. Severe trauma to the neck and back may cause herniated discs or damage to the spinal cord. This could lead to paralysis.


Speeding, distracted driving, alcohol use, and unsafe road conditions can lead to dead bicyclists. Therefore, if a bicycle accident killed someone you love, speak to a wrongful death attorney.


If you ride a bicycle, you know that you’re at a much higher risk of injury if an accident occurs. Certainly, a bicycle is no match for a motor vehicle.

Moreover, you can be severely injured in some bike accidents and escape relatively injury-free in others.

Unfortunately, it’s a game of chance for most people.

But there are some cold, hard facts that provide us with information we can use to be safer when riding a bike. For instance, 20% of deaths occur between the hours of 6pm and 9pm.

In addition, 71% of deaths occur in urban areas.

Males are statistically at a much higher risk of being involved in a bicycle accident. In fact, males account for 88% of all people, between the ages of 20 to 24, injured on bicycles.

If you’re wondering about intoxication, it plays a major role in the death of bicyclists. About 20% of people killed in bicycle crashes have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.8 grams per deciliter. This alcohol level is higher than all states in the country allow.


The biggest factor in bicycle accidents that isn’t talked about is negligence.

Unfortunately, many bicyclists do not follow the rules of the road. Indeed, cyclists can make the road much safer if they all looked out for each other.

It’s a matter of a community effort, which can help save the lives of cyclists.

Simple hand signals can help. Likewise, alerting another rider of potential dangers ahead can also help.

In fact, there has also been a major uptick in the amount of people that cycle to work. Between 2000 and 2012, the amount of people biking to work increased by 64%.

The reason? Surely, people are trying to save money. Additionally, they want to limit their impact on the environment.

However, with the increase in bicyclists comes the higher risk of serious injuries if an accident occurs.

Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney

If you have a bike accident injury, you may need the help of an experienced bicycle accident lawyer.

We will investigate the circumstances regarding your bicycle accident, whether you were a pedestrian or a rider. We will identify and name the parties responsible for your injuries.

Also, we’ll explain your legal rights and your options.

Lastly, if the evidence is there, we’ll negotiate a settlement with the insurance company for the responsible party.

And if the insurance company is not reasonable, we’ll sue and prepare your case for trial. Either through a negotiated settlement or a trial, we’ll get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Contact our personal injury lawyers at our Hammond office at (219) 200-2000 or online at for legal advice and a free consultation.

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