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Coup Contrecoup Brain Injuries

Coup Contrecoup Brain Injuries

Table Of Contents An Overview of a Contrecoup Injury How Do Coup-Contrecoup Injuries Happen? What Types of Accidents Involve Coup-Contrecoup...

Who Can be Sued In a Truck Accident Case?

Who Can be Sued In a Truck Accident Case?

Table Of Contents Who Can be Sued in a Truck Accident Case? The Truck Driver The Truck Driver’s Employer or the Truck Owner Manufacturers of the...

Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts

Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts

Table Of Contents Typical Car Accident Settlement Amounts What Determines the Average Car Settlement Amount? How Much Insurance Coverage Is...

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motorcycle accident personal injury claim featured image

What Is the motorcycle accident personal injury claim?

The motorcycle accident personal injury claim is an injury to the lower extremities. However, injuries to the chest area and the head can also occur. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a motorcycle accident collision can also cause bone fractures in the legs.

sexual assault case featured image

Sexual Assault Case-What to Do If You Are Charged in a Sexual Assault Case

Table Of Contents Sexual Assault Case-What to Do If You Are Charged in a Sexual Assault Case What Is Sexual Assault? Touching an Intimate Body Part No Consent of the Victim The Touching Occurs for Sexual Gratification or Abuse What are the Defenses to Charges of Sexual Assault? What Are the Penalties For Sexual Battery in Indiana? If You Are Charged in a Sexual Assault Case, Get an Experienced Indiana Sexual Assault Attorney Sexual Assault Case-What to Do If You Are Charged in a Sexual Assault Case In this age of #MeToo, being charged with a sex crime can lead to the loss of your job, getting kicked out of public housing, and shunning from friends. However, the police often charge people with sexual assaults that did not happen. Therefore, if you get charged in a sexual assault case, you need an experienced sexual assault attorney to defend you. What Is Sexual Assault? Sexual assault is also called sexual battery in Indiana. Sexual assault /battery is any touching of sexual or intimate parts of another person to gratify one’s sexual desire. It includes touching the victim either above or under clothing. An element of every sexual contact crime is lack of consent. The lack of consent can be clear from forcible compulsion or a lack of agreement to the perpetrator’s conduct. Additionally, lack of consent occurs when the victim does not have the capacity to consent. This can be because the victim passed out from drugs or alcohol consumption. As another example, it could be because the victim was too young to legally consent. Touching an Intimate Body Part An “intimate body part” is an anus, buttocks, sex organs, or female breasts. the perpetrator can make contact through clothes. No Consent of the Victim For a sexual assault to have occurred, the illegal touching must happen without the consent of the victim. For instance, assume a dentist touches a female patient’s breasts as he hovers over her, examining or cleaning her teeth. In fact, he is doing that for his...
drug dealer featured image

Drug Dealer-What Does Being a Drug Dealer Mean?

A drug dealer sells illegal drugs (and some legal ones), of any type or quantity to any type of person. In fact, they may be small-time dealers who sell small quantities to offset the costs of their own drug use. Or “what does being a drug dealer mean” refers to highly organized groups and businesspeople in organized crime.

common construction site injuries featured image

What Are Common Construction Site Injuries

Needless to say, construction sites are dangerous places. Obviously, the work is very physical. Additionally, construction workers often use powerful machinery or work on roadsides where motor vehicle accidents can occur . Unfortunately, because of the inherent nature of the work, there are several common construction site injuries that occur.

What Is Mass Tort Liability featured image

What Is Mass Tort Liability?

Slip and fall accidents injure many thousands of people each year. Unfortunately, slips, trips, and falls happen in dangerous conditions like wet supermarket floors, icy parking lots or cracked sidewalks. Of course, sometimes the property owner is responsible for the accident, and sometimes he or For example, if there was repair work being done on a section of a floor, and there were signs warning people about it, people should avoid that section of the floor. In short, we all have an obligation to watch where we’re going. Nevertheless, property owners have a legal duty to exercise reasonable care to make their property safe for others. This includes visitors, guests, and other people lawfully on the property. There are several dangerous conditions that can exist on the property that could cause serious slip and fall injuries to visitors or customers. Typically, slip and fall accident cases involve ice and snow in the winter and heavy rainfall year round. For example, sidewalk defects, parking lot potholes or cracked sidewalks, or pavement can be hazardous for pedestrians. In addition, wet floors from spilled beverages in restaurants, bars, and supermarkets represent an accident in waiting. As another example, debris from construction in a house, apartment building, or office building could lead to slip and fall injuries to a customer or other visitor.

Constructive Possession Case Law Determines the Possession Question featured image

Constructive Possession Case Law Determines the Possession Question

In criminal law, actual possession of drugs and constructive possession in a drug case are different drug charges. Constructive possession case law decides which is which. However, conviction on either of those charges can result in serious penalties.

These penalties include jail time, heavy fines and a permanent criminal record.

criminal defense medical malpractise

Medical Malpractice And Negligence Attorneys

Of course, our society trusts hospitals and medical professionals to take care of us when we get sick. Indeed, most people put a special kind of trust in the doctors, nurses, surgeons, and other medical professionals who treat us. However, medical professionals are human. They sometimes make mistakes. When they make mistakes that injure their patients, the patients need experienced medical malpractice and negligence attorneys.

Construction Accident Lawyer Alex Mendoza Law

When Do You Need a Construction Site Accident Lawyer?

Working on a construction site is one of the most dangerous jobs you can have. Consequently, every year construction site accidents injure hundreds of workers at work sites. Therefore, if a construction site accident injures you, you need a construction site accident lawyer.

How common are roller coaster accidents featured image

How Common Are Roller Coaster Accidents?

The answer to the question “How common are roller coaster accidents” is “not very.” In fact, the likelihood of dying on a roller coaster is pretty low. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the deaths per year are so low that the odds of dying on a roller coaster ride is roughly one in 750 million.

Do You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer Featured Image

Do You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Whether you love or hate dogs, if one attacks you, it can be a terrifying experience. If the animal bites you, you may deal with a significant injury. Depending on how serious your injury is, you may need a dog bite attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

What Is Mass Tort Liability?

What Is Mass Tort Liability?

Table Of Contents What Is Mass Tort Liability? What Are Mass Torts? Types of Cases are Mass Tort Cases? Settling or Going to Trial for Mass Torts...

How Common Are Roller Coaster Accidents?

How Common Are Roller Coaster Accidents?

Table Of Contents How Common Are Roller Coaster Accidents? Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Indiana Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey...

When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Table Of Contents When to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer When Should You Consider Hiring a Worker’s Compensation Attorney? Third Party Liability Get an...


Types of Defenses to Crimes

Types of Defenses to Crimes

  Types of Defenses to Crimes? Mistake of Fact Any criminal defense lawyer will tell you that there are many defenses to any crime, but not...

The Criminal Procedure

The Criminal Procedure

The Criminal Process/Procedure? The Initial hearing Also referred to as an arraignment, this hearing includes a reading of rights of and charges...

Overview of Criminal Offenses

Overview of Criminal Offenses

AN OVERVIEW OF CRIME/CRIMINAL OFFENSES ? Crimes/Criminal Offenses What is a crime? By definition, a crime is either a violation of or neglect to...

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