A good immigration lawyer is needed for removal defense. If you have received a notice to appear (NTA), you need an immigration attorney to stop you from being deported by the federal government, i.e., Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Once you receive a Notice to Appear in federal immigration court before an immigration judge, you are on your way to be deported, unless you hire an immigration law firm to see if you have any defense to deportation or if you are eligible for immigration benefits. If you or a loved one has received a Notice to Appear in immigration court, call immigration attorney Alex Mendoza for an immigration consultation at our law office in Hammond, Indiana. Immigration lawyer Alex Mendoza knows immigration law. And, Attorney Alex Mendoza’s immigration law firm is equipped to find out if you have a defense to deportation or are eligible for immigration benefits. If you have all the relevant information at your immigration consultation with attorney Alex Mendoza, our immigration law firm will be able to tell you if have a defense to deportation or if you are eligible for immigration benefits.

A good immigration attorney will explore whether you have a defense to deportation of if you are eligible for immigration benefits. According to current immigration law, there are several defenses that an immigration lawyer can make before the immigration judge.

One defense to deportation could be the fact that you are not removable or deportable. This concept is pretty straightforward. Either you are removable or deportable, or you are not.

It is very important that you have a good immigration lawyer for removal defense. Once you are in immigration removal proceedings, you must have a defense or some form of relief under immigration law, or the immigration judge will order you to be deported. There are various types of benefits under immigration law that you may qualify for, and they are discussed below. Alex Mendoza Law offers immigration consultations at our conveniently located immigration law office in Hammond, Indiana. Call 219.200.2000 for a consultation with immigration attorney, Alex Mendoza.

Adjustment of Status—Seal the Deal for Your Removal Defense

If you entered the country legally under immigration law and are currently in the United States, you may have a good defense to deportation. Call immigration attorney Alex Mendoza to see if you are eligible for adjustment of status. Under the current immigration law, if you were inspected and admitted into the United States (i.e., entered the country legally), an adjustment of status allows an immigrant to go from nonimmigrant to permanent immigrant. However, before you can apply for adjustment of status, immigration attorney Alex Mendoza will have to determine if you are eligible for a green card. Immigration lawyer Alex Mendoza will tell you at your immigration consultation if you are meet the requirements to apply for permanent residency, i.e., a green card. Call 219.200.2000 to set up an immigration consultation at our law office conveniently located in Hammond, Indiana.

The most common way a person can be eligible to apply for a green card is through a petition filed by a member of your family, like a spouse, mother, father, brother, or sister. When your family member files a petition on your behalf, immigration law and immigration lawyers refer to it as a family based petition (Form I-130). In order to have a family member file a petition on your behalf, they must be a US Citizen or permanent resident. Any good immigration attorney would be able to identify if a relative or family member would be able to submit a family-based immigration petition on your behalf. If you are interested in talking to an immigration lawyer about your family-based petition, set up an immigration consultation at our office located in Hammond, Indiana.

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